Kasa Care Service Agreement

Overview and Relation to Other Agreements

Your use of the Kasa Care services (the "Kasa Care Services") is 受本卡萨护理服务协议(以下简称“服务协议”)约束 and the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy. All 在使用条款和 隐私政策通过引用纳入本服务协议 您同意通过使用卡萨护理来接受并遵守这些条款 Services. If there are any conflicts among this Service Agreement and 使用条款和隐私政策,以本服务协议为准 to the extent of the conflicts.

Service Summary

当您购买卡萨相机m6米乐网官网时,您可以选择使用 our Kasa Care Services. With the Kasa Care Services, any video footage 被卡萨摄像头捕捉到的信息会自动发送到米乐m6app官网登录的服务器 storage. From your iOS or Android device(s) you can then access 录音覆盖有限的时间框架取决于你的卡萨水平 Care Services.

Subscription Plans

每个Kasa Cam都配有米乐m6app官网登录的免费Kasa护理服务包(“免费 Package") that may provide you with various services. We reserve the right to modify any services provided under the Free Package or terminate the Free Package at any time in our sole discretion.

米乐m6app官网登录还为米乐m6app官网登录的Kasa提供多层付费订阅计划 Care Services. For plan details and plan pricing, please visit www.tp-link.com/us/kasacare. Subscription fees are charged on the first day of the applicable subscription period. If your credit card transaction is declined or your 信用卡到期,米乐m6app官网登录保留取消卡萨护理的权利 服务订阅,但您的订阅不会自动生效 terminated. You will remain responsible for all unpaid amounts that accrue as a result of your declined or expired credit card. Additionally, you will be responsible for all costs we incur in 与收取此类未付款项的联系,包括法院 费用、律师费、催收代理费及其他相关费用 costs. If you use Credit Card as a payment method, you may be charged a 外汇手续费由您的信用卡公司在兑换外币时收取 differs from your credit card currency. TP-Link is not responsible for these additional charges.

(a) Subscription Renewal

All Kasa Care Services subscription plans renew automatically. When we renew your subscription plan, we will use the payment method then currently associated with your account. You will not be notified in 除非您选择按年订阅,否则将提前续订 计划,在这种情况下,米乐m6app官网登录将向电子邮件发送年度续订提醒 associated with your account. Following the processing of your 适用的订阅付款,米乐m6app官网登录将发送收据到您的电子邮件 associated with your account. When you purchase any of our Kasa Care 服务订阅计划,您明确承认并同意 (1) TP-Link有权向您收取订阅费用(此外 to any applicable taxes) on a monthly or annually recurring basis 取决于您选择的计费周期和促销代码 申请(如有),只要您的订阅有效,以及(2) 在您取消订阅或终止订阅之前,您的订阅一直有效 这取决于米乐m6app官网登录的判断,因为你的信用卡被拒了 fail to pay your subscription fee.

(b) Plan Modification

i. Cancellation:

您可以随时通过以下方式取消您的卡萨护理服务付费订阅 从“卡萨护理”菜单项中降级为免费套餐 Kasa app. When you cancel a monthly subscription plan, you cancel only 与您的订阅计划相关的未来费用,而不是 entitled to a refund. When you cancel an annual subscription plan, you 取消与您的订阅计划相关的未来费用,您就可以 entitled to the applicable prorated refund. For more details refer to our refund policy. Upon 取消您的订阅,米乐m6app官网登录可以(但没有义务) 删除所有卡萨摄像头在米乐m6app官网登录服务器上的录音 由于您取消了一个 paid subscription plan and downgrade to the Free Plan. We reserve the 有权以任何理由暂停或终止您的订阅 without notice in accordance with the Terms Of Use.

ii. Plan Changes:

您可以更改为不同的付费订阅计划或更改您的 billing cycle type (Annual vs. Monthly) at any time from the "Kasa Care" menu item on the Kasa app. Changes will take affect immediately or at the end of your billing cycle. For more details refer to our refund policy. When you make 米乐m6app官网登录可能(但没有义务)更改您的订阅 删除所有卡萨摄像头在米乐m6app官网登录服务器上的录音 that become inaccessible to you as a result of your change in subscription plan.

(c) Incorrect Payments

如果米乐m6app官网登录收取的费用高于或低于正确的或广告的金额 交易结束后,我方有权在此之后的三十(30)天内办理 完成交易日期,以便完成后续的交易尝试 rectify the incorrect payment.

(d) Pricing

米乐m6app官网登录的卡萨护理服务订阅计划的价格取决于 change at any time, but changes will not affect your current subscriptions. In the event that we change the pricing for any Kasa Care 您所购买的服务订阅计划,米乐m6app官网登录将给您30天的时间 提前通知此更改,并将生效于您的下次账单 cycle. After receiving such notice, you will be deemed to have accepted 价格变动,除非您按规定取消订阅 in section (b) above.

Suspension of video recording

You may stop video/audio recording from your camera at any time. From the Kasa App, go to the "Privacy" section under "Camera Settings" and select "Do Not Record Video or Audio." For more details, please visit What is Privacy Model. 您选择停止视频/音频录制并不会修改或取消您的 then existing subscription plan.

Limitations of Kasa Care Service

您承认并同意卡萨护理服务,无论是否站立 alone or interfaced with third-party products or services, is not 有应急响应认证,不受第三方监控 emergency notification system (e.g., Kasa Care will not dispatch emergency authorities to your home in the event of an emergency). 此外,您承认并同意卡萨护理服务和米乐m6app官网登录的 员工不是你或其他公司员工的救命稻草 风险,卡萨护理服务不是替代品 for emergency services. All emergencies should be directed to the appropriate response services. We make no warranty or representation 卡萨护理服务的使用,无论是单独的还是接口的 使用第三方m6米乐网官网或服务,会影响或增加您的 level of safety or that of anyone else. You acknowledge and agree that 你将不能依靠卡萨护理服务来拯救生命 critical purpose. Mobile notifications regarding the status and alarms 提供有关卡萨护理服务的资料,以供参考 只有和这样的通知不能替代第三方 monitored emergency notification system. You acknowledge that it is your 有责任教育自己如何应对紧急情况.

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